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Iron War – Mark Allen and Dave Scott

There has been considerable controversy surrounding “Iron War”, by Matt Fitzgerald, which tells of the ongoing rivalry between Dave Scott and Mark Allen during their Ironman triathlon battles in the late 80’s. The story leads us up nicely to a final showdown between Scott, who has already won 6 of the legendary Kona triathlon’s, and Allen who has one everything else.

The book admirably fills in the life stories of two very different supreme athletes linked by one race, and their ability to endure immense suffering to push their bodies to win. Its an excellent book, that you will not want to put down, and gives some excellent insight into the mind of any endurance athlete.

Chrissie Wellington – Super Triathlete, taking a break

Chrissie Wellington is taking a well earned break from her ongoing Ironman Triathlon successes – see the article in Triathlete Europe. But thankfully for the less talented amongst the rest of us, her new book ‘A life without limits’ comes out later in February, and should be an inspiring read. After all someone who is the triple women Ironman Champion and should have been this years BBC Sports Personality of the Year, is going to say lots that is worth reading.

The Hour

Michael Hutchinson, an accomplished time-trialer in his own right, decides to aim for sporting immortality by beating the world record for cycling as far as possible within an hour, on the sloped track of a velodrome. His book, detailing his attempt is a light hearted, but heartfelt journey to his big attempt. On the way he both imparts his love for all things bike related, and the enchanting history of the most curious of records. No description of his challenge would be complete without more than a nod at one of Scotland’s most famous cyclists, Graeme Obree, who riding a handmade bicycle, famously including the bearings from a washing machine, aimed and suceeded at beating the then record of 51 kilometres. The DVD ‘The Flying Scotsman’ is a must-have for any cycling fans, and gives great insight into the single-minded, driven approach to overcome many setbacks, including over zealous officials and depression.