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Team Hoyt

Training and competing in an Ironman, is really tough – it goes without saying. Team Hoyt is a father and son pair who compete together, which wouldn’t be so unusual if it weren’t for the fact that the son is quadriplegic. During an Ironman triathlon the father swims the 2.4 miles while pulling his son behind him in a small boat, then cycles the 112 miles together on a specially designed bike, before a marathon, father pushing son in a wheelchair.  Check them out on youtube, and on their website Team Hoyt. Both heroes, and both inspirational.

A classic moment in the history of endurance sports

In 1982 Julie Moss was leading the women in the then, relatively new (began in 1978), Ironman triathlon, held in Hawaii: she was a student with limited training, and this was the first event of this type she had ever taken part in. Her finish, caught on camera, and shared across the US and beyond, rocketed the Ironman into the publics consciousness. Well worth a watch to see what guts and determination are all about after swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and running 26 miles. Julie Moss