Recovery and rest: its ok to stop

5 days after the 100km, and I still feel tired, mentally and physically. Mental fatigue has been shown to impact physical performance, and it would seem logical then to expect such fatigue after challenging events. So, after finishing a race, when you have given your all, its ok to stop, rest body and mind, and take stock.

2017-05-26 16.15.18This is an excellent time to think, without over analysing, what has been achieved, identify any lessons learned regarding training and racing, return to a more manageable training/life balance, and perhaps start to look at any future events that are interesting. At the moment I’m considering some shorter running races, or maybe an adventure race, I like the idea of cycling, running, kayaking, and swimming, ideally out in the wilds.

For the moment, I’m just going to enjoy taking it easy, let the blisters, muscles and mind heal, and keep walking the dog.

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