Good resources for training, something to help motivate, or just to chill out with when you are too tired to get out the door…


Triathlete Europe, first class magazine, based on the US version. Less easy to find in shops but worth looking for. Larger, more detailed editorials

220 Triathlon, excellent magazine for triathletes at all levels. Widely available.

Triathlon Plus, another great read, similar to 220, and I believe, comes out of the Cycling Plus stable.

Triathlon World, good newbie guide, from the Runner’s World group.

The Outsider, Irish magazine giving an excellent insight into events across Ireland.

Runner’s World,  – Great resource for general runners information for the UK. Some content only available to subscribers

Runner’s World US, – US version of website, less problems with subscription only content

General Endurance, Fitness, Sport Books

Michael Hutchinson, an accomplished time-trialer in his own right, decides to aim for sporting immortality by beating the world record for cycling as far as possible within an hour, on the sloped track of a velodrome. His book, detailing his attempt is a light hearted, but heartfelt journey to his big attempt. On the way he both imparts his love for all things bike related, and the enchanting history of the most curious of records. No description of his challenge would be complete without more than a nod at one of Scotland’s most famous cyclists, Graeme Obree, who riding a handmade bicycle, famously including the bearings from a washing machine, aimed and suceeded at beating the then record of 51 kilometres. The DVD ‘The Flying Scotsman’ is a must-have for any cycling fans, and gives great insight into the single-minded, driven approach to overcome many setbacks, including over zealous officials and depression.

Survival of the Fittest; Mike Stroud

The Mind Gym – An Athletes guide to Inner excellent; David Casstevens

Running Books

Born to Run: the hidden tribe, ultrarunners, and the greatest race the world has never seen; Christopher McDougal

Feet in the clouds; Richard Askwith

Just a little run round the world; Rosie Swale Pope

Ultramarathon man; Dean Karnazes

Joss Naylor, Iron Man [DVD]

‘Joss’ [Naylor], Keith Richardson


Books for the Thinking Runner

Note: these are nothing to do with running, but just a few good books to muse about while running. They tend to be on the philosophical side, but when you have plenty of quiet time training it can be useful etc

The Steppenwolf; Hermann Hesse

Autobiography of the Supertramp; W.H. Davies

The Snow Leopard; Peter Matthiessen

The Outsider; Albert Camus

The Trial; Franz Kafka

Nausea; Sartre

Cycling Books

In Search of Robert Millar; Richard Moore

The man who cycled the world; Mark Beaumont

Put me back on my bike; William Fotheringham

Swimming Books

Swimming Books

Wild Swimming; Daniel Start

Waterlog; A swimmers journey through Britain; Richard Deakin

One Breath; Emma Farell. Beautiful pictures and simple prose describing freediving

The Big Blue. [DVD] A classic movie of two competing freediver’s with more than a nod to the real diver Jacques Mayol.

No Limit – Triple Quest (NOT OUT YET); Patrick Masimu Autobiography; No other details as yet, but no doubt anyone who can dive to over 200 metres on one breath will have something interesting to say.

Triathlon Books

The Triathlete’s training bible; Joe Friel


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